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Miramat® Giga - 244cm x 183cm - Ultra Large Exercise And Yoga Mat - In Stock

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Oversized, multi-purpose, high-end mat for yoga and fitness. Miramat Giga is 4x larger than regular exercise or yoga mats and does not restrict your movement. It is ideal for yoga and workouts such as aerobics, strength training, crossfit, plyometrics, cardio, HIIT, MMA and stretching exercises. An essential part of your home based gym or yoga studio, Miramat looks good and you will not feel the need to tuck it away everytime you have visitors.

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Miramat comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

  • Non-slip surface on on both sides
  • Ideal for yoga, with superior friction
  • 244x183cm, 7mm thickness
  • High-density with ultimate cushion, join protection and support
  • Surface is very easy to clean
  • Comes with two storage straps for easy roll-up, storage and transportation
  • For use with or without shoes
  • Designed to last for decades
  • Non-toxic - free from latex, silicone and phthalates


Break-in period

Miramat is a high-end mat that will just get better with use and time. It will require an initial break-in to unleash it's full potential. The surface will grow softer with use and provide even better friction. If you are doing cardio exercises with shoes, the mat will break in over a week or two. Slightly longer for other exercises.


Miramat cleans easily by applying some mild soap with a damp towel. Wipe off any soap residues with a second damp towel.


Roll the mat with the top surface facing outwards, as this will prevent corners and edges from bending up next time you will use the mat. Use the two complimentary storage straps to hold it and it is ready for storage.

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