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About Miramat

Designed by Enthusiasts, Used by Enthusiasts

We are a family business founded on a passion for health and fitness. Based in Australia, we grew frustrated with ultra-thin and narrow fitness and yoga mats and wanted to create a better experience without compromising on health or the environment.

When designing Miramat, we wanted to use only the highest grade, sustainable materials. It was important for us to use materials that had the right combination of strength, sustainability and comfort.

Since most practitioners use yoga and cardio in combination, it didn't make sense to us to have multiple mats at home for different purposes. We wanted to design a mat that was the best in every area, without compromises. It needed to be better than every other yoga mat and every other cardio mat, combined!

And it needed to be huge! All other mats are so narrow that you'll be balancing on a narrow strip, and probably touching the floor just as much as the mat itself. We wanted to create room to comfortably move.

The result was Miramat, the best yoga mat and the best cardio mat - all in one.